Hey supporters.  Do you know of a site that has informatiive information on these conditions?  If so, please leave a comment with the site name so that Proud Of You can help support the movement by posting a link to our site.  We will inform you if the link is posted.  We believe that any positive and infomative information is helpful towards getting the word out and informing others.  Thanks in advance.
This question is for the supporters.  What is the nicest thing youve done to show support for your loved one?  Ill go first.  I took him to radio shack and allowed him to pick out what his heart desired.  I didnt buy it that day because I wanted it to be a surprise.  So instead I brought the item and suprised them at school with it.  The excitement in his eyes when he saw it, caused him to run down the hall at school to me. It felt good to see the happiness in the eyes of my baby!
Autism is a tough disorder.  Showing them support and love is a must!  How do you show your loved one love and support?  Ill go first.  I have always shown my loved one nothing but love.  Through kisses, hugs, singing and dancing.  Its what they like to do most.  My loved one is so beautiful and special to my heart that I will always and forever give them my whole heart filled with love.  We talk to each other and they smile and respond with showing such thankful love back.  Close to my heart I will always keep them and will for life show LOVE AND SUPPORT!

Proud Loved One
So lets start the support system this way.  Finding out a loved one has this disorder can be tough.  Sometimes/a lot of times talking about it really helps. When I found out, I immedialtley felt that I did something to cause this.  I was sad and hurt.  But I knew that I would and had never done anything to hurt my child so I began to pray and take on the disease with him and knew I had to be there for him and guide him through this.  Though it still hurts me when he struggles, he makes me proud by trying and never giving up.  I will forever be his support system for the rest of his life!  Thats a promise!

Proud Mother