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Welcome to Im Proud of You Website

Welcome to Im Proud of You.  This site is built for those parents or supporters of children or family/friends with ADD/ADHD or Autism to come and support one another.  I am no doctor, but I am a supporter and proud parent of a child with ADD.  I also have a reIative I love dearly with Autism.  Understanding the condition, and knowing what we can do to support those with it, will help us to understand whats best for them!  I will be sharing with you via blogging and this site what I have learned about the disorders.  I do understand that sometimes it can be hard for you to cope with and you need a little uplifting!  This also goes for the person who may be suffering with the condition.  This is the place to come talk about what may be bothering you or what we can do/have done to support and keep each other lifted up and in great spirits at all times.

What is ADD/ADHD or Autism?

 ADD is an abbreviation for Attention Deficit Disorder.  It is a neurobilogical condition. Researchers believe that the symptoms are caused by chemicals in the brain are not working properly and it causes the person to be inattentive.

ADHD is an abbreviation for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  It is in a lot of ways similar to ADD except it causes the child to be hyperactive and impulsive.

Autism is a developmental disability.  It is a neurological condition that affects the functions of the brain that controls communication and social interaction.

Understanding Your Not Alone

When finding out that a loved one has one of the conditions, you may not know what to ask.  So here are a few questions that I found helpful and I have found that researchers state to ask. 

1. Can you define the condition?
2. What are our options?
3. What can we do at home to help with improvement?
4. Is this condition treatable?
5. Are there medications available?
6. If there are medications available, what are they and what are the side effects?
7. What tests will be necessary to see if medication is the right thing for me/my loved one?
8. How soon can we get started on the testing?

Communication is the key!  Stay on top of everything!  Be certain that no stone is left unturned.  There are no ridiculous questions.  Ask everything that comes to mind.  These conditions effect the rest of your/loved oned life.  So I encourage you to get involved!  Get in close and its okay to ask for a second opinion at times if you feel that may be necessary.

I know that at times it can be difficult for everyone and you may feel all alone in this.  It is also one of the reasons that I built this site.  Understanding that there is always suppot available and knowing where these resources are will relieve a lot of the stress that may come along at times. 

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