So lets start the support system this way.  Finding out a loved one has this disorder can be tough.  Sometimes/a lot of times talking about it really helps. When I found out, I immedialtley felt that I did something to cause this.  I was sad and hurt.  But I knew that I would and had never done anything to hurt my child so I began to pray and take on the disease with him and knew I had to be there for him and guide him through this.  Though it still hurts me when he struggles, he makes me proud by trying and never giving up.  I will forever be his support system for the rest of his life!  Thats a promise!

Proud Mother
7/28/2009 03:32:29 pm

Hello, I just want to thank you for building a site such as this. I have a little girl with the ADHD and I was feeling like I did something to make her this way. I am happy to read stories like this, it makes me feel like im not alone in this battle. Thank you again.

7/30/2009 05:24:58 am

This powerful movement has captured my heart and my mind to realize that a child who suffers from ADHD is going to win the battle. If parents would link up with support groups, and get all the education on this disorder they can better understand ADHD and ADD. "We perish for the lack of knowledge". By saying that, if a parent did not have the education on this disorder they would assume that their child has a behavior problem or stating that their child is not learning anything. If parents hook up and find web sites like this, they would better understand that they are not the only ones that have a child with this disorder and how to seek t support for their academics curriculums. In all, we love our love ones and we need to seek support and education on this Disorder because you can make a difference in your Childs life and in your community.

8/4/2009 06:14:00 am


Since I heard about this disorder I became very eager to learn more about it. I'm doing my nutrition degree and would really like to help autistic children in the future. I learnt that they should have a GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) diet.Visit my website for more info:

8/6/2009 02:11:04 pm

Wow after taking a good long look at your site i have to say i think i understand alot more about Autism, thank you for helping me understand.

8/24/2009 02:53:15 pm

I have 2 sons with AD I'm not fan of all the medicine doctors try to put the kids on but I am glad to see it helps them to stay focus while in the class room. i wish more natural things ways to fight this than giving kids meds everyday. I'm glad you started this forum and I'll push it by letting other friends know about it.


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